Free Scotland!

Sean Connery will vote…guess which way Her Ex-Majesty’s Secret Agent Nocht Nocht Siven will cast his vote!

Here’s a clue :



Licenced to Lisp

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What does ex-PM Jean-Pierre Raffarin think about all this?


Live Update 14/09/2014.



Shome heshitation..











Update 20/09/2014

So, now that the shouting’s over (almost) what’s left for Alex Salmond?

Not much

Not much

Another referendum?

In 2034?

Sequel in preparation

Sequel in preparation


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2 Responses to Free Scotland!

  1. Colonel Klink says:

    “Alea jactance est!”


  2. Oussama Ben-Enuts says:


    Encore quelques indécis…