I am Charlie…

athees…To be Charlie, or not to be…

That is the question!

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To be only partly Charlie, not Charlie at all, to be someone else, to be Charlie just the time of a protest march, to speak for Charlie, to let Charlie speak for you, to claim Charlie is not dead, to admit that Charlie has been fatally wounded…

These too are valid possibilities.

Maybe we need to invent a new slogan for freedom of speech.

One which everyone can agree with.

People should just speak for themselves!

Supervictor à l'état-civil, Driblou dans nos coeurs !

Supervictor à l’état-civil, Driblou dans nos coeurs !


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2 Responses to I am Charlie…

  1. Pierre Merguez France says:

    I am what I is.

  2. Colonel Klink says:

    Ich bin ein Hamburger!