Brexity McBrexitface

It would appear that the English are not too eager to send the famous secession-letter… this is quite understandable!

The British economy is doing quite well, thank you, they have enough liquidity to protect their stock exchange… unlike the Bourse in Paris, which is on the ropes.

Juncker and the Germans scream demands that the kicking out procedure start immediately, a little difficult because for the moment it is officially as an internal matter within the UK!
Just supposing it was only a joke, a Machiavellian plot to enrage banana-straighteners and cucumber calibrators?
If this is “British humor”, the jest is excellent!

Attention: Britain is not yet out of the EU!

Not as stupid as it sounds; (personally, it would suit me) it would not be the first time that the powers that be ignore a troublesome referendum, far from it!
The longer it lasts, before the fateful day (and they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry) the more likely it becomes that this affair might just fizzle out.

What ??? !! ??

Such a denial of demagoguery democracy ?
Except … in politics, ridicule never killed anyone (not that they could get even more risible than they have become since Thursday).

The time they’ll take to discuss (lots) in parliament, in order to maximize the blackmail potential, when Farage deflates like a balloon, or gets lynched by just about everyone, when his ignoramus voters wise up to the enormous mess they have created, when the polls show that 99% of voters want to reverse the decision, then will emerge the man of the situation.
A man who can do an about-face 180 ° who dares to brave ridicule, ready to sacrifice himself for the common good …

Boris Johnson

The man of the situation?

Here is a recent example of the establishment overruling the vox populi: Boaty McBoatface.

Ask a silly question…


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2 Responses to Brexity McBrexitface

  1. Oblomov says:

    (not that they could get even more risible than they have become since Thursday)

    Well, they could still lose to  Iceland, wouldn’t that be funnier?

    Maybe not…


  2. Jack N. Apes says:

    Buyers’ remorse?

    When you impulse-buy, you usually have a week or two to change your mind…in this case it’ll be at least 3 months, or even two years!