Farage’s Revenge

Did you really think there ever was a Plan B? Or even a Plan A, for that matter…

Apparently the unique, only object of Farage’s Brexit campaign was to have his moment of gloating.

So he had been waiting 17 years just to be able to make catty remarks to Junckers and all those dreary foreign EMPs and damp rags who’ve been kicking sand in his face for all those years? Which he already did before Brexit?

Nigel Farage

Hell hath no fury…

That’s it?
What’s next?
Nothing! That was what it was all about!

Who’s laughing now? (Apart from Nigel, that is). 

Well, now that the hilarity is dying down, Nigel will at last be able to quit Brussels and get a real job!

How about “Used Car Salesman”?

Honest Nigel Farage, used car dealer. par sonofoblomov

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